Frequently Asked Questions

Do I rent a specific apartment?

No. The Marriott system works like a hotel, so while I rent a specific room type (e.g. Gulf Front, Gulf View etc), the actual room within those categories is allocated at check-in.

It is possible to request things such as high or low floors, but these requests are subject to availability.

Whose name will the reservation be in?

Once your reservation is confirmed, I instruct Marriott to change the reservation to your name.

Do I have full access to the resorts facilities?

Absolutely YES!

You are treated the same as any other guest at the resort. Upon arrival, guests will check-in at the resort’s front desk using their resort confirmation number just as if they had booked directly through the resort. Full access to the resort’s services and amenities are included with every reservation.

At most resorts, there will be some additional services (such as tennis, golf, cabana rentals etc), that all guests may be asked to pay for, however, you will be treated exactly the same as any other guest.

Is reception open 24 hours?


How do I book?

There are several ways to book, either directly by contacting us directly – or, if you prefer via our pages on VRBO, Tripz or AirBnB

If you want to book with us directly, we take payment via PayPal